Homemade Taco Seasoning

On my quest to become a healthier eater, I try to create as many of my own “premade” seasonings as possible. As someone who spent a majority of their life in Texas, I make a lot of Mexican food. Therefore, I really wanted to find an easy taco seasoning mix I could make in a pinch (because I’m a last minute kinda gal). This recipe I found from The Humbled Homemade certainly fits the bill! While usually I just make one batch of this recipe at a time, tonight I used tablespoons for each of the measurements, doubled them, and filled them in empty seasoning containers.

2 parts chili powder
1.5 parts paprika
1.5 parts cumin
1 part onion powder
3/4 part garlic powder
1/2 part sea salt
pinch (or two!) of cayenne

Combine all the ingredients into a bowl. Mix, and season away!


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