Cilantro Lime Tilapia Tacos

If you have perused the recipes on Hurry To The Table, you may notice that I like Mexican food. A lot. A lot, a lot. I think it’s my body’s way of trying to tell me that I need to move back to Texas. I’m down for that.

Cilantro Lime Tilapia Tacos in pan

Back to Mexican food. Aside from enchiladas, which I’m obsessed with as you can see here and here, I also really like tacos. Each week I try to incorporate at least one vegetarian or seafood dish meal into the menu, and fish tacos are a super easy to way to incorporate fish into family meals while still pleasing everyone.

Cilantro Lime Tilapia Tacos complete 2 Cilantro Lime Tilapia Tacos complete

Tonight’s tacos were made with tilapia, onion, garlic, jalapenos, tomatoes, cilantro, and lime juice. NO SPICES (except salt and pepper, but they don’t count). I was a little hesitant that this would have enough flavor for me, but boy did this dish have flavor!! Especially when I added my favorite Peach Habanero hot sauce on top 🙂

Cilantro Lime Tilapia Tacos with sauceCilantro Lime Tilapia Tacos Habanero Sauce

Cilantro Lime Tilapia Tacos
Recipe Adapted from Skinny Taste

1 lb tilapia fillets, rinsed and pat dried (about 4-5 fillets)
1 teaspoon olive oil
1 small onion, finely diced
5-6 garlic cloves, finely minced
2 jalapeno peppers, chopped (I did one w/ seeds and one w/out)
2 cups diced tomatoes (about 3 roma tomatoes)
1/4 cup fresh cilantro, chopped
3 tablespoons lime juice
salt and pepper to taste
6-8 corn tortillas
1 medium avocado, sliced
lime wedges and your favorite habanero sauce for garnish

1) Heat olive oil in skillet over medium-high heat. Saute onion until browned, about 5-6 minutes, then add garlic and saute until fragrant, about 30 seconds.
2) make a pile with the onions and the garlic and place the fish on top. Cook for approximately 3 minutes on each side, or until the flesh starts to flake.
3) Add the jalapenos, tomatoes, cilantro, and lime juice. Saute over medium-high heat for about 5 minutes, breaking up the fish as you go. Season to taste with salt and pepper.
4) Meanwhile, heat the corn tortillas on a large skillet.
5) To serve, put some of the tilapia mixture in the tortilla. Top with avocado, freshly squeezed lime juice, and habanero sauce.


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