Andy’s Awesome Eggs

My husband makes the BEST scrambled eggs. No, seriously. THE BEST!

Andys Awesome Eggs with Fruit 2

Ever since my daughter has starting eating solids, it has become a weekend ritual: she wakes us up by calling our names, I get her dressed and brush her teeth while my husband makes her eggs and toast. About two weeks ago, my husband told me to try his eggs. I was a little hesitant because I thought they were eggs for him and he makes them SUPER spicy, but he insisted so I tried them anyways. And OH. MY. GOODNESS! Apparently, my recipe looking has rubbed off on him (!!!) and he found a recipe for scrambled eggs that involves a unique technique: alternating the pan between being on the stove and on a non-heated surface. This prevents the eggs from overcooking and allows them to be fluffy and delicious and wonderful.

I highly recommend you trying out this technique the next time you cook eggs. Actually, I recommend you cooking eggs specifically to try out this technique. You won’t be sorry!

Andys Awesome Eggs

Andy’s Awesome Scrambled Eggs
Recipe adapted from Gordon Ramsay

2 medium organic eggs
1 teaspoon butter
salt and pepper to taste
1 tablespoon plain Greek yogurt
1 tablespoon chopped green onions (optional)
2 pieces toast (optional)

1) In a small saucepan over no heat, crack the eggs directly into the pan and add the butter.
2) Turn the heat onto medium and start to stir the eggs with a spatula. Continue to stir for about 30 seconds.
3) Remove the eggs from heat and continue to stir, for an additional 30 seconds.
4) Continue repeating steps (2) and (3) until eggs have set.
5) Add salt, pepper, and greed yogurt. Mix well.
6) Fold in the green onions (or another topping of your choice)
7) Serve over 2 pieces of toast.
8) Enjoy!!! 🙂


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