Spinach Stuffed Pasta Shells

I love pasta. Like LOVE pasta. I’m pretty ¬†sure it’s just the carbs. They are so delicious. And the more people tell me I shouldn’t have them, the more I want them. So, I’m just going to cure everyone’s carb obsession here: stop listening to people you can’t eat carbs! Eat them, and eat a lot of them! (Now, if you’re like me, that would get you to eat less carbs because you hate people telling you what to do).

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Buffalo Turkey Chili 

Nearly five years ago my husband and I moved to a small (for me) town in North Dakota. When we arrived in late February it was 10 degrees below zero there was at least a foot of compacted snow on the ground. For this Texas gal, it was absolutely terrifying.

We temporairly lived on the first floor of a crappy house that had windows that weren’t fully sealed, a dirty orange Continue reading