Easy Vegetable Fajitas

Ok. Real talk for a minute. While 2016 has been a mess for the rest of the world, for me and my family it has probably been the most rewarding year ever. My husband was away for work for four months which I thought was going to kill our relationship, but it only made it stronger. I took a leap and left a job that peaked my anxiety only to find an even better work opportunity not even a month later. We bought our first house and it is perfect. My daughter is a threenager and it is difficult and awesome all the same time.

Oh, and this is the first summer in three years that I have actually stuck to my goal of running as many 5Ks as I can. And I love it.

Now that things are settling down here, I thought I’d make a little blog post about my favorite ever vegetable fajitas. We love these for a light meal that is quick and easy to throw together. They are also easy to prep in advance so you can share them with a friend and/or have dinner ready for the next day!

I started the meal with four sliced bell peppers Continue reading